Sweeping Equipment

Tk 17 Petrol Sweeper                                            
Sweeping width 70 cm        
Engine: B&S / Honda         
HP : Up To 4.6  Hp          
Driving Speed : 3.2 Km/hr
TK 48 Petrol Sweeper
Sweeping width 100cm
Engine : B&S / Honda
HP : Up to 5.5 Hp
Driving Speed : 4.2 Km/hr
17 & Tk 48                                                        
EachAvailable With Snow Plough     
Tk 17 & Tk 48
Each Available With Collector Box 
Precision Lawn Sweeper                                        
Ideal For lawns , gardens, driveways                        
Easily Towed with ride on mower                       
Sweeping Width : 45”
Compact Tractor Sweepers
Sweepers Only / With Collectors
1.5 metre width
Multi Sweep                                                          
Tractor Operated Road Sweepers                          
Engine or Hydraulic Operation                                  
c/w Collector 
Multi Sweeper Front mounted Brush
Ideal For Loaders Or Telehandlers
Hydraulic Operation
Multi Sweep Fork Lift Attached                                
Engine Powered                                                    
Additional Kerb Brush Attachment Available             
Dust Suppression Kit Optional                                 
Collector Box
Multi Sweep Skid Steer
The Sweeper For Your Skid Steer
Hydraulic Or Engine Driven
Dust Suppression Kit Optional
Collector Box