Land Drain Cleaners

Getting Profit  Flowing In Irish Agriculture Again 

For decades Irish farmers have been draining marginal land to bring it to a more productive state with the assistance of Millions of Punts & Euros from various grant schemes . Over time the benefits of the draining became lost again as land drains blocked . No further options existed only to re-drain again at a huge expense , until O’Donovan Agri Group introduced the new concept of “ Land Drain Cleaning”  
The concept has been endorsed by the state advisory body and is now in the New Teagasc Published guide line booklet on Land Drainage 
Homburg Land Drain cleaners offers you  4 machine types  with several machine specifications within each machine
Manual Guide Arm                                                                  
One Hydraulic Function                                                         
300 Mtr Hose Reel                                                                  
Farmers Machine
Hydraulic Guide Arm
four hydraulic Functions
300 Mtr Hose Reel
Farmer / Contractor Machine
Hydraulic Guide Arm                                                             
Manual Hydraulic Control                                                     
/ Remote Control /Wireless  Options                                 
Up To 700 Mtr Hose Reel                                                     
Contractor Machine
Hydraulic Guide Arm
Wireless Control
Up To 700 Mtr Hose Reel
New Dynamic Drive System
Contractor Machine

How The System Works 

With the guide arm extended to the land drainage pipe outlet the hose reel rotates to extend a rigid flushing hose up alone the drainage pipe , with the machines pump , sucking water from a near by drain or water carrier , clean water is pumped under pressure up the flushing pipe to a uniquely designed flushing nozzle which directs water forward at an angle to remove dirt from the internal cylindrical pipe wall . a cylindrical ring of rear jets on the nozzle back flush the pipe line to remove the dirt from the drainage pipe 
Starting Cleaning During Cleaning
Ending  Cleaning Cleaning Complete
Which ever Homburg model you choose as best suited to your situation , each machine is custom built for each of our customers at the factory to your chosen particular specification & needs.

Land Drain  Cleaning Combined Units

Dedicated Tanker & Drain Cleaner Combined units can be specifically designed for your needs
Tanker Size is optional                    
Tyre Size can vary                          
Cleaner Can Be Fixed On To                                                
The Rear Of The Tanker Or Attached
Via a quick on/off linkage
All Four Models Can                    
Be Selected For Attaching
Tankers Can Be Fitted With
Self Fillers , Eco Pumps
Hose Reels etc
Farm Yard Blockages Man Holes In Fields
Pitches & Golf Courses  
No matter what the situation,  the Homburg Drain Cleaner Has A Place In Your Business