The GreenSeeker® RT200 nitrogen application system offers a more efficient and precise way to manage crop inputs such as nitrogen. By using near infra-red technology, the GreenSeeker allows you to apply the right amount, in the right place, at the right time in real time. Optimum placement of nitrogen eliminates costly waste and extra field passes. You’ll find improved yield, lower nitrogen cost and increased profits.
  Green Seeker fitted to a Fertilizer Spreader
Green Seeker fitted to  a  Crop Sprayer
Grain farmers use GreenSeeker to make real time variable rate application of nitrogen fertilizer. NDVI-based plant health/vigor maps can also be produced during routine operations.
Traditional Practices:
Nitrogen fertiliser is applied at a constant rate across the whole field or farm regardless of varying crop needs. This usually results in too much or too little nitrogen fertilizer in many parts of the field, often wasting inputs or limiting yield