ATV Trailers and Carrier Boxes

Fully Galvanized  Chassis
Powder Coated Tipper Body
Flotation Tyres , 
Independent Torsion Suspension 
Removable Mesh Sides 
Two Tipping Options

Body Size 112cm W x 185 cm L

Electric Tipping
Height With Mesh Sides 90 Cm
Hydraulic Tipping
c/w  Control Box With Hand Pump

Size 7 Ft x 4 Ft

Ramp Rear Door

Hinged & Removable

Sides & Front Panel 

Road Legal

5Ft x 3 Ft ATV Trailer
Ramp Rear Door
Hinged & Removable 
Side & Front Panel
Flotation Tyres
Precision Cart
Can Be Towed Or Hand Pushed
Folding Draw Bar 
12 Cu Ft Capacity  
16” Pneumatic Tyres 
Colour : Black
JFC  250 
250 Litre Capacity 
Fully Galavanized Steel Chassis
Size 170 x 80x 78 cm 
Pneumatic Tyres 
Colour: Blue
JFC 400
400 Litre / 400 Kg Capacity 
Fully Galvanized Chassis
Size 2200 L x 1200 W x 900 H 
Wide Pneumatic Tyres
Colour : Green
JFC  500 
500 Litre / 500 Kg Capacity 
Fully Galvanized Steel Chassis
Size 2515 L x 1488 W x 940 H mm 
Wide  Pneumatic Tyres 
Colour Green

Lockable Lid

Available For both Box Sizes 

 200 Ltr & 150 Ltr Boxes

With Lockable Lids 

Lockable Lids can be purchased separate and added to existing boxes at any time