Weed Spraying 

We provide weed control solutions from the very small domestic situation  to the very largest National Road Infrastructure Net work . Our Clients Range From Domestic House Owners  , Schools , Hospitals , Airports , Railway Net Works , Retail Parks , Factories , Shopping Centres , Universities & Local Authorities  
While Our Crop Agronomists can provide you with up to date chemical control programmes  for all your weed control situations we can offer a variety of modern methods of physical application from Knapsack operators , ATV & Utility mounted Sprayers , Tractor & Truck Mounted to our very latest Hi Tech Telescopic arm Infra Red weed detection sprayers and of course the latest remote control application machines for those tricky & confined spaces. We can now offer our latest machine which provides remote control spraying of  motorway embankments and dangerous sloped areas we an operator could not climb . 
Applying herbicides in excess, incorrectly or using inappropriate methods can be hazardous to the operator, the public, non target vegetation, natural habitats, the environment  and all water ways. Inappropriate or incorrect application of either contact or systemic herbicides can be costly to your pocket, your health and your environment O’Donovan Agri- Environmental Services are the only providers of selective application in Ireland 
Our own in house designed & built  patented Speed Weed – Weed Seeker System puts us at the fore front Of herbicides application, 
This system is ideal for treating weed growth in water ponds or rivers  and can be easily accessed by the extendable arm method , we also make Rag Worth control easy for every Local Authority
Selective Weed Spraying Being Carried Out On Dual Carriageway   For Cork Co Council Highly Trained & Dedicated Spraying Personnel
Weed Spraying Elevated Paved areas Beneath Bridges
Treating either side of a crash barrier made simple with the telescopic Arm Weed Seeker
Weed Spraying Airport Run ways
Our Self propelled Remote Control Sprayer Spraying a large Lawn
The Weed Spraying Train At Work In Co Kildare
Robo Spray the Remote Control Tracked Sprayer that will just go any where